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All Stars escorts rates

Since we’re now offering a much more “elite” service, it goes without saying that the rate for this service will be slightly higher than usual. We can’t expect elite London escorts to operate at the lower end of the rate scale, can we? It’s not that the other girls don’t offer a good service you understand, it’s just that when you book a high class service, you get something that little bit more special.

The “special” service

Efforts that some girls won’t make, will indeed be made by the elite girls; you can count on it! And when you choose to book one of these girls, if you do have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the agency. We happily contact your chosen girl on your behalf and get back to you with the answer to your questions/requests as soon as we’re able.

Elite escort rates at Allstars Escorts

Please take a look at the elite london escort rates on this page and if you have any questions about them, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. As we have already mentioned, they are bound to be a bit higher, but they are entirely representative of the level of service you can expect at the hands of the girls you book. We suppose that the only real way for you to find out for sure if it’s worth it, is to book one of the girls and trust us. There’s nothing like finding out for yourself and we are sure that you will notice that our elite escort rates are actually comparable to other agency’s standard rates. You’ll always get a good deal at Allstars Escorts – We’d stake our reputation on it!

Array time rates Night time rates / 19:00 - 7:00
Pre - Booked Lowest price NON Pre-booked
1h - £100.00
+ travel cost
1h - £200.00
no extra charges
2h - £200.00
+ travel cost
2h - £300.00
no extra charges
Array time rates Day time rates / 7:00 - 19:00
Pre - Booked NON Pre-booked
1h - £150.00
no extra charges
1h - £200.00
no extra charges
2h - £250.00
no extra charges
2h - £300.00
no extra charges
Overnight booking
8 hours - £750 (no extra charges)

It’s important to understand, that our “pre - booked” rate is only available to those, that have booked their chosen escorts with at least 2 hours notice. Longer is of course preferred.


Things at Allstars Escorts are changing gentlemen! But don’t worry, you’re still getting the same excellent value and top-class service. However, in order to deliver a consistently spectacular service, we have to restructure our prices to make everyone’s life much easier. This is of course to promote bookings with our girls during quieter times, to encourage pre-booking whenever possible, and to ensure we are able to continue offering great escorts during peak times.

No Extra Fees!

On this page you will find an easy to follow guide to our new rates. Should you need any clarification, we will of course be happy to answer any questions if you call the agency. As you can see from these revised rates, we have been listening to your feedback. There are no longer any travel fees added to your booking, with the exception of pre-bookings that have been made between 19.00-07.00, but this is still our lowest price! Only £100 plus travel costs, which won’t always be very much at all!

Pre-booking is the way forward

It’s only fair that the girls get paid that little bit extra when they’re being booked last minute, and you need them to rush around and get to you ASAP. It is therefore in your best interests to pre-book your London escort experience as soon as you are able, in order to take advantage of our best rates; especially between the hours of 07.00-19.00.
We are sure you can appreciate that in an increasingly demanding marketplace, escorts require better pay and more clients. So, if we are to continue providing the best, and arguably the cheapest, quality London escorts in the business, we must meet their demands. On top of this, we are likely to continue attracting the most experienced and most beautiful young companions to the agency if they have good career prospects!

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Elite Escort Rates

1 hour £ N/A 1 hour £ 300
90 minutes £ N/A 90 minutes £ 450
Two hours £ N/A Two hours £ 500
Additional hours £ N/A Additional hours £ 250
Dinner date (3 hour) £ N/A Dinner date (3 hour)   £ 700
Dinner date (4 hours) £ N/A Dinner date (4 hours)  £ 900
Overnight (8 hours) £ N/A Overnight (8 hours)  £ 1500

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